Partners Against Lyme (and Tick Associated Diseases) was founded to advocate for and protect the rights of patients suffering from tick-associated diseases. We are unique in that we are an inclusive umbrella entity for many of the related support and advocacy groups, both nationally and internationally. PAL unites and empowers these groups so that collectively (partner-to-partner) we can fight to remove the many roadblocks preventing better testing, more accurate diagnostics, and improved treatment options for such diseases.
| VisionVision:
Our long-term vision is clear and simple: a cure for all stages of Lyme and other tick associated diseases. For the immediate focus, however, PAL believes that improvements in the lives of individuals suffering from Lyme and other tick-borne diseases can be better accomplished by advocacy organizations uniting and working together in true partnership. Our power lies in the strength of the sheer numbers of us affected by these diseases and our collective determination to challenge the current status quo.
| ValuesValues:
To make our vision a reality, we promote a set of core values. Above all else, we encourage an environment that recognizes a variety of opinions and approaches as a source of our strength. This means that every partner's individual's perspective is honored and given equal value. We believe that diversity, teamwork, and determination will drive the creation of innovative solutions and ideas as we unite behind a shared sense of purpose.

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| BenefitsBenefits:
Our vision is global.
We form lasting partnerships.
Our experiences are diverse.
We work towards consensus.
Our resources are used wisely.
We create change together.