Our long-term vision is clear and simple: a cure for all stages of Lyme and other tick associated diseases. For the immediate focus, however, PAL believes that improvements in the lives of individuals suffering from Lyme and other tick-borne diseases can be better accomplished by advocacy organizations uniting and working together in true partnership. Our power lies in the strength of the sheer numbers of us affected by these diseases and our collective determination to challenge the current status quo.

Recognizing that distinct organizations bring a variety of specialized skills, expertise, and experiences to share, PAL encourages these groups to retain their own identity and independence. However, through a collaborative effort, partners with a common purpose can share information, activities, ideas, and resources and come together to present a united front moving Lyme and other tick associated diseases forward towards an ultimate cure.

Let us no longer remain voiceless victims. Let us inspire each other and collectively engage in non-violent, civil activities on a national or international level to advance awareness, promote advocacy, improve patient support, and fund research for Lyme and tick associated diseases.